About me

I found my love for photography well into my college career having begun in the graphic design program at UL Lafayette. Eager to take the Intro to Photo course as one of my electives I immediately realized the passion and creativity from photography was much more rich and engaging than I even knew was contained within me. Unlike my graphic design colleagues I found my fellow photographer’s artistic creations inspiring and not leaving me with a feeling of inadequacy. Those feelings are in now way the fault of my fellow designers, but I was not able to shake these feelings that stunted my growth as an artist. 

As I continued to explore my photography skills, and after placing ‘Best in Show’ at the following Juried Student Visual Arts Exhibition with my conceptual print “Life-Nocturnal,” I concluded that my path as an artist was to be traveled as a photographer. In the start of my Senior year I transferred out of the graphic design program and committed to a BFA in Photography. A scary situation when you realize I was entering a program with only an intro course under my belt, in my fourth year, and only having a photography portfolio consisting of that one course. With the guidance and mentorship of my professor Lynda Frese and inspiring relationships I developed with the other photo students I doubled up on the photography courses without fear and with a firm belief that I was capable. I could feel myself growing and developing as an artist and that was the missing piece that I had not truly felt until then. Ironically, that self-awareness and rising level of confidence in turn improved my skills as a designer, lol. 

It wasn’t just these feelings that were telling me I was on the right path, but my grades were dramatically improved from straight C’s in design to straight A’s in photography – A NO-BRAINER, lol.

I know portfolios are supposed to be your best and brightest, but I feel one must see all aspects of my creativity and experience the peaks and valleys of my emotions that are embedded within every piece I create. Within my experimentation of creating a piece of work I often cycle through many variations of that one piece in various elements process or manipulations and feel I should show those as well – I want a prospective owner to know the ‘not-quite’ part of me as well as the  exceptional and unique.