Currently, I provide on-site photography services at the location of your choosing; Portraits, Parties, Events, Major Functions, and welcome inquiries regarding photography services and pricing. I will at some point, in the indeterminate future, have an indoor studio to provide services as well as studio space to work on conceptual projects, a personal work space to make money and refine my skills as an artist.

I graduated from UL Lafayette in 2016 with a BFA in Photography - having completed the program-specific curriculum in four semesters. Prior to deciding on photography as the method I would study to develop and refine my skills as a fine artist, I was enrolled in the Graphic Design program for three years; deciding to change my concentration with only 15 credit hours remaining to earn a BFA in graphic design. However, the artistic freedom of expression within my works, I determined, were better served and allowed for more in-depth analysis of its conceptual elements to tell a story within the imagery. In the field of photography I am able to provide services and incorporate my fine art techniques if requested. I use my skills with the camera, knowledge of digital processing, editing, and composite manipulations to create unique visual arts for commissioned pieces, exhibition entries, or just to remain in a constant bubble of producing art, for art’s sake.

My credentials were earned for photography, but the great thing about the visual arts programs at UL Lafayette is that the curriculum is designed so that your skills as a fine artist are developed through exposure to multiple disciplines. I have found that this method has allowed many artists the chance to acknowledge an interest in utilizing cross-disciplines in the process of art making. I had the same experience of courses that I would not have had the availability of exposure to skills such as metalwork/jewelry making, painting, and maybe even animation of some kind. This cross-discipline exposure allowed myself to expand the possibilities of artworks I produce (multi-media), and methods discovered that I could utilize to help facilitate the conveying of my story or message within a piece of artwork. The possibilities abound will serve me well into the future.

Even though I decided to allow the artist within me develop within the studies of photography I have not abandoned my interest in graphic design, and continue to offer freelance design services upon request. I also provide design services for logos, stationery, flyers, business cards, greeting cards, albums, books, or most desired visuals or artwork for printing purposes. My design services are available to deliver a unique and memorable visual identity for you or your business that will not feel outdated as the latest popular trend. The visuals I provide are design to be as timeless as possible and will definitely serve its purpose for you long after the latest hype has faded into an embarrassing, and expensive, forgotten visual identities buried under cliches of time.

Browse my collections of photos, artworks, random visuals, and you determine if my execution of artistic style is compatible with your vision and will compliment your needs I look forward to hearing from you.

– Jonathon Silver Ahhee, B.F.A.